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NOT  JUST CARDS  –  they’re ART !  


From the time I was a young girl, I’ve loved creating my own greeting cards!
Regardless of the media, my cards are done from joy! It’s ALL fun, and I love the process!

Cards are 4 x 5 1/2″ and are printed on beautiful, matte paper, which gives these cards a richness and feel unlike other cards!
(Adult Coloring cards are on heavy card stock)

Cards come in a protective, white box with a clear cover 
and decorative 1/4″ black ribbon or 1/8″ gold cord.
(Sorry, no ribbons on the Adult Coloring Cards)
Envelopes are included!
(Cards are blank inside unless otherwise specified.)

Click on an icon to take you to a specific gallery of cards!

         Coloring Cards
Cat Cards Gallery  Flowers Album Pic  LOVE Gallery 
      Cats                                                           Florals                                                   Love
Sedona Album Pic  Palm Trees Card Gallery  Southwest Album Pic  Time Gallery Pic  
     Sedona                                             Palm Trees                                    Southwest                                        Time
Mantra Album Pic  Skeleton Boy Wizard Boy Card Gallery  
 Metaphysical                                    Skeleton Boy   
Holiday Album Pic


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